Author: Joie Martin

Musing on War and Death With Pretty Deadly, Vol. 2

The second collected volume of the Image Comics mythic western, Pretty Deadly Vol. 2: The Bear, begins with the friends and family of the fierce, loving matriarch Sarah gathered around her deathbed. What unfolds is not, as would be expected, a story about Sarah herself, but about her son Cyrus (only a child in Vol. 1), the march of time, and the meaning of war. It is a complicated, oftentimes prickly narrative filled with the complexity writer Kelly Sue DeConnick is known for, richly illustrated by Emma Rios’s gorgeous, hallucinatory artwork. [Discussion to follow will contain spoilers for Pretty...

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The Witcher: Fox Children #1 Does Not Disappoint

With a new game coming out May 19th, CD Projekt Red has entered into a partnership with Dark Horse to produce a five-issue miniseries set in the Witcher universe. The Witcher games, based on the wildly popular novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, follow Geralt of Rivia, a “witcher” or magically and genetically augmented monster-hunter. While the game deviates from the novels, both have maintained a growing fanbase and the miniseries likely already has a built-in market waiting for it. The only question remaining is whether the comics live up to the high bar set by Sapkowski and the...

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Comics Review: Deep Gravity 1 – 4

Deep Gravity’s first volume, collecting issues #1 – 4 of the Dark Horse deep-space serial, with story by Mike Richardson, and scripted by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, has much to offer fans of traditional science-fiction. The story follows engineer Steven Paxon, the sort of everyman hero common to the genre, who has volunteered to travel to a high-gravity planet with the hope of rekindling his relationship with his former lover, a biologist named Michelle. Upon arriving, however, Michelle rejects him and, through a series of disastrous events, Paxon, Michelle, and a handful of crew members eventually find themselves...

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Cosplayer Perspective: Why Do Cosplayers Cosplay?

You’ve seen them at every convention, on your computer or television screen, on reality shows like SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay, and in larger cities you may have even stumbled across a photoshoot or two. It seems like cosplayers are suddenly everywhere. Lately, cosplay has become more socially acceptable, with companies like Bioware releasing detailed character kits for their upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition so that cosplayers can replicate the game’s characters in detail – and celebrities like Nathan Fillion and even Madonna getting in on the action. Now, with cosplay suddenly thrust into the public eye, there has been a lot...

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GISHWhat? The Crazy Media Scavenger Hunt Everyone’s Talking About

If you paid attention to social media last week, you may have noticed groups of people posting strange pictures to imgur, tweeting bizarre non sequiturs to NASA, or requesting random science-fiction authors write short stories involving actor Misha Collins, an elephant with tentacles, and the Queen of England. This madness is nothing other than GISHWHES, an acronym for “The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen,” a yearly online scavenger hunt created and spearheaded by Collins. Now in its fourth year, GISHWHES has broken 5 Guinness World Records—Largest Online Photo Album of “Hugs,” Longest Chain of Safety...

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