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Review of Southern Cross #3: And Finally We Go Somewhere

Hello and welcome to Day Three aboard the tanker Southern Cross! When we last left Alex Braith, she was investigating the strange disappearance of her bunkmate, Erin, only to find that a man had mysteriously killed himself in her cabin on a previous flight out. Day Three begins with Alex running down the corridor to confront the captain, in what has now become a running theme with the comic. Once again, the first mate tries to stonewall her before she reaches the captain, and once again, the captain tries to assuage most of her issues. This time, it seems like the...

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Review of Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery #1

I am new to Resident Alien and I already freaking love it. Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s series from Dark Horse has a simple enough premise: An alien doctor crash-lands on Earth, takes the identity of a human doctor, solves the murder of the person he replaced, and then goes on to find himself wrapped up in more odd mysteries surrounding his small town. And I have to admit, there are a few ways to take that premise, and “straightfaced and serious” is not one I ever thought I’d see. But with the premise largely disposed of after a paragraph...

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On Archie Comics: Not Wrong, Just Highly Unethical

Over the past few days, Archie Comics has taken to Kickstarter to relaunch their flagship titles. The books include a Chip Zdarsky (Kaptara, Sex Criminals) -written Jughead, a new Archie #1 by Mark Waid (Incorruptible/Irredeemable) and Fiona Staples (co-creator of Saga, that delightfully foulmouthed comic about interstellar love, war, and tree-spaceships), the launch of Life With Kevin, about new (and openly gay) character Kevin Keller, and a new ongoing Betty and Veronica relaunch by Adam Hughes (JLI). As usual, internet opinion on this is divided. Retailers took to the web to boycott Archie, especially when the comics publisher decided to openly admit to courting rack space at Wal-Mart and...

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The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Beyond Belief Issue #1

Okay, I’ll be honest here, chances are you already know whether or not you want to read this thing. Chances are, you probably already know about Beyond Belief from The Thrilling Adventure Hour* podcast, where the characters of Frank and Sadie Doyle originated. And I’m going to be perfectly honest, chances are you already know what you’re going to get if that’s the case. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker haven’t really changed much in translating their work for Image. It’s more stories about two members of Manhattan’s social elite hunting alcohol and ghosts, in that order of preference. But if you...

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Kaptara Issue #1

So apparently retro-pulp is in these days. Cool. Between Becky Cloonan’s Southern Cross and Chip Zdarsky’s Kaptara, Image has been doing a nice trade in retro pulp. And, for all intents and purposes, it’s been working out for them. Kaptara follows a different path from Southern Cross with its tale of displaced astronauts stuck on a planet in an alternate dimension, but it also wears a lot of its influences on its sleeve, with Kagan McLeod’s lush, vibrant art seemingly influenced by B-movies and matinees like Flash Gordon and Barbarella. The style also seems vaguely reminiscient of the pulp comics done in the ’60s and ’70s, with strong...

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Review of Criminal Macabre: The Third Child

I have to lead with this right out of the gate: If you’re not already a fan of Steve Niles’s (30 Days of Night) Criminal Macabre already, then this is probably not the best book to start your read. It’s not completely impenetrable without having read the rest of the Criminal Macabre series, but since it relies on the plots of several past books, context takes a little time to pick up. I was once a reader of Criminal Macabre back in the day, and not being caught up made me wonder who half these people were. While I could easily look most of that...

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Sinergy Vol. 1 Review

Growing up is already a traumatic process. There’s already rapid psychological changes, raging hormones, voice changes, and all the other horrifying things that happen as a body gets ready for adulthood. There’s also a distinct note of panic, as people try to get themselves ready for the rest of their lives, and what they’ll choose to do with those lives now that they’re out on their own. And then there’s what happens to Jess. Jess, the heroine of Image Comics’s new graphic novel Sinergy, has a fairly good life. A good-looking boyfriend, a full hockey scholarship to a good school,...

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Southern Cross #2 Review

Hello and welcome back to the freighter Southern Cross! Last month, our intrepid and bellicose heroine Alex Braith boarded the Southern Cross on a journey to Titan to discover the truth about her sister. She met the creepy guy across the hall, saw the weird core that allowed them to jump through space so the trip only took five days, and avoided the questions of her bunkmate, an investigator for the Zemi Corporation. She also uncovered that her sister was well-known by the crew, and frequently took trips to them. To make matters worse, something was calling to her… And if...

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