Author: Amy L

Going Under the Thunder with Russell Dauterman at Wondercon

At Wondercon 2016 in Los Angeles, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with my favorite comic book artist Russell Dauterman (The Mighty Thor) to talk about his work on this smash-hit Marvel series combining might and modern myth into a true epic. Like the new Thor, Dauterman has KRA-KA-DOOMED onto the comics scene rather quickly in the last few years, though he has done great work on quite a few series prior to this for publishers Boom Studios and DC Comics.  In one of his first convention appearances since the launch of the Thor series in 2014, find out what he had...

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Weird Green Love Lanterns: Talking Comics with Sam Humphries at WonderCon

Last weekend, I had the privilege to speak with comic writer Sam Humphries (Legendary Starlord, Weirdworld, Jonesy) mere hours after the Wondercon DC Rebirth press conference and the reveal that he would be taking his first foray into the DCU with upcoming Green Lanterns. Humphries already has a handful of excellent series for Marvel, Boom Studios, and Image Comics under his belt, so I got to find out about his adventures to weird worlds, love-sick schools, and beyond. He also gave The Geek Initiative an awesome idea of what he’s bringing to the table as a part of DC...

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Five Indie Comic Artists to Support This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to give unique gifts to those you love.  When you buy from an artist, it’s like a gift that keeps giving, because you get something for a friend, and you support someone’s hard work and artistic talent.  In the spirit of the season, here’s a list of five independent comics artists whose products make awesome gifts for the holidays. Tess Fowler: Tess Fowler is the artist for Rat Queens from Image Comics, originally beginning on the Braga special, and now she is working as the regular series artist.  She has proven her love for...

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Short Fiction Spotlight: Machina Rasa, Part Two

[Continued from Machina Rasa, Part One] Leksa stopped just short of the dais she had been assembled on. The light in the room was bright again. She squinted up at the dark booth, optical sensors adjusting to the shift in lighting. “I… you’re going to disassemble me? Because I have come to the understanding that I am a beautifully made creation?” “You don’t get an opinion; you don’t get to think.” She was offended. “Even when I was agreeing with you?” “Look, your opinion is like… like an orgasm,” the voice explained. “We didn’t make you to have your...

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Short Fiction Spotlight: Machina Rasa, Part One

“Can you open your eyes for me?” The room was searing white. “It’s bright,” the woman observed. “I can dim the lights so that your eyes can adjust, if you would like,” the guiding voice spoke from a place unseen. The harsh brightness in the room softened to a comfortable glow. The woman relaxed slightly. The machinery in the room still glinted, light bouncing off the white plastic exteriors and silver details of half a dozen mechanized arms. Each varied in size, and, as she supposed, function. “Thank you,” the woman responded. “Where are you?” One of the arms...

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r2Me2 at Star Wars Celebration!

Click the banner image for a gallery of the #R2Me2 Exhibit hosted by Sideshow Collectibles at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  The company provided prototypes of their 1/6th Scale R2D2 figure to dozens of artists, who came up with these brilliant works! These Artoos will be displayed at San Diego Comic Con this summer before being auctioned off for charity.  Which look for Artoo do you like best? – All these figures and more can be seen online at the Sideshow Collectibles...

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Star Wars Celebration 2015

The galaxy far, far away came to Anaheim, CA, over the weekend of April 16-19th to bring a taste of the traveling Star Wars Celebration to the parched desert planet- I mean, state.  Star Wars Celebration Anaheim will be a weekend long remembered, as far as fans are concerned. Taking over the Anaheim Convention center for the weekend was no small task, but the giant center for all things Star Wars pulled it off effortlessly. The convention center is the same one that played host to Wondercon 2015, with many hotels right next to the property, gorgeous outer grounds,...

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