Author: Amanda LaFranco

An Interview with Dark Horse Comics Editor in Chief, Scott Allie!

As Editor in Chief of Dark Horse Comics and current lead writer of Abe Sapien with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, to say Scott Allie stays busy is an understatement. Luckily, he was able to spare The Geek Initiative a few moments of time to talk about women in comics, the industry as a whole, and offers some advice for aspiring comic book creators. Since The Geek Initiative is all about celebrating women in geek culture, were there any female roles models you had growing up? Do you have any now? Because of my parents, and how their divorce went down, I was used...

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Review of Pisces #1: It Opens the Door and Expects You to Walk Through It

There’s much to be desired once you reach page 26 of Kurtis Wiebe’s new series Pisces.The first issue opens abruptly, prompts more questions than it answers, and closes on a note of ambiguous confusion. It’s not an easy premiere to get through, and if this were the television world it would probably end up as an unaired pilot. However, the strength of this #1 doesn’t come from its content, it comes from its promise. Promoted as a sci-fi, body horror series, the first issue lacks a considerable amount of both genres. Instead, the focus of the story so far can be more...

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Descender #2 Will Leave You Reaching for More

Last month I posed the question: why should you read Descender #1? The story, so clearly rooted in science fiction traditions, seemed like it could easily become just another A.I. narrative — a quest for humanity from the perspective of a synthetic robot.  Although the beautiful art of Dustin Nguyen was above and beyond a selling point for the first issue, I was holding onto hope that writer Jeff Lemire would elevate this plot beyond cliche. With the release of Descender #2 this month, I ask a different question: if you haven’t started this series yet, why not? *Spoilers for Issues 1 & 2 follow, read...

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Female Gamers Unite for Chainmail Bikini

The final hours of Chainmail Bikini’s Kickstarter are here and before time runs out, you should check them out, especially if you’re a female gamer. The book, edited by Hazel Newlevant, is a compilation of comics drawn by female cartoonists and illustrators focusing on why they’re passionate about gaming, and it’s a fantastic looking project. The anthology features the work of nearly 40 collaborators, and covers all forms of gaming. It doesn’t matter if you’re into video games, LARP, RPGs or more, this book has something for you. Although they’ve already reached their financing goal (over 5x more than needed, I...

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Good News, Fellow Gunters! Ready Player One Finds a Director

A new player has entered the OASIS!  If we take a look at the anticipated adaptation for Ready Player One currently in the works, Ernest Cline, the author and master creator, is definitely James Halliday; that makes Zak Penn (tasked with writing the script) Art3mis, knowledgeable and necessary in order for success. But a final piece of the puzzle has been missing thus far, who is Wade Watts? Now, we have our answer. Steven Spielberg.   A film adaptation for beloved sci-fi adventure novel, Ready Player One, has been in the works long before the book was even published — or at least it...

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The X-Files Is Back!

Amanda gives us the rundown of her favorite X-Files episodes in response to recent news released today!  Geeks gather round! Dim the lights, grab the blankets, and hit the couch because Fox just announced the return of the beloved sci-fi series with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprising their roles as Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The limited series will run for six episodes, which may not seem like a lot, but for most of us fans it’s more than we could have hoped for! In honor of this most blessed day here are my top six episodes of...

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Not Your Average Space Opera: A Look at Shaper #1

Science fiction is thriving in comics; in fact, I would say there is no better medium for the genre right now. While film and television have capitalized on the influx of geekdom in popular culture, they only showcase a fraction of the great stories out there. Whether you’re interested in intimate character dramas or epic space operas, your comic book shop is the place to be. Shaper, the new limited series from Dark Horse, didn’t start as a comic book though. It started as a screenplay penned by Eric Heisserer, an already established screenwriter. I was lucky enough to have had the...

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Descender #1 – What’s in a man?

The organic life versus robotics battle is almost as old as the science fiction genre itself. Rogue A.I’s, malicious computers, global war — it’s all been done before. So why exactly should you read Descender #1, a comic series that starts with this timeworn conflict? Well for starters, artist Dustin Nguyen simply awes with his sprawling two-page scenes, and writer Jeff Lemire has already answered for us the question at the forefront of our minds: what defines life? The first issue opens on the planet Niyrata, the technological hub of the universe. This is very much the science fiction future we’re accustomed to; bright and...

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